35mm Painted Wooden Curtain Pole Set 180cm

Pictures L-R: Charcoal, Clay, Latte, Ghost, Mushroom








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Complete Pole Set:  includes 35mm/180cm Pole, Rings, Bracket & Finials   + simple instructions on how to put up your pole.

Available in 5 Colours: Charcoal, Clay, Latte, Ghost, Mushroom                                                *Please specify colour upon purchase*

Pictures may not be a true representation of the colour, however are a close match. (Pictures have been taken from the Jones & Interiors website.)

If we do not have the pole in stock, it will be ordered and arrive at Low Woods within 1-2 weeks.


Please call Low Woods on 01530 222246 to pay over the phone, in order to avoid the shipping costs, thank you.





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